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Baumkuchen basic course

Visit the only Baumkuchen course in Austria!

Discover the Baumkuchen basic course exclusively at the Sweet Depot ice cream academy. Here we concentrate entirely on the production of Baumkuchen, also known as Baumstriezel or chimney cake. Learn how to master this lucrative delicacy to take your gastronomic independence to a new level. 


What is the exact course schedule?

The Baumkuchen course starts at 8:30 and ends at 16:00 Uhr.

After a warm welcome with coffee and a round of introductions in which we discuss the participants' expectations and wishes, we start with one technical and theoretical introduction into the world of Baumkuchen. This includes both an explanation of the equipment required for production and a detailed one Raw materials science, which highlights the quality and properties of the ingredients.

As soon as the theoretical foundations have been laid, we move on to practical implementation. Here the participants learn how to Dough for the Baumkuchen prepares it, bakes it and shapes it. We pay particular attention to the creation of different Flavors and fillings, which make the Baumkuchen a very special experience.

After a short lunch break we devote ourselves to it Finishing and decoration our Baumkuchen. This includes, among other things, the introduction of Soft ice cream fillings as well as various techniques for the aesthetic design of the cakes. Participants have the opportunity to present their own Baumkuchen creations and express themselves creatively.

The rest of the afternoon is then devoted to discussion Calculation methods, pricing and marketing strategies for Baumkuchen dedicated. A tour of our showroom is also on the agenda, where all raw materials such as: B. various toppings and sauces can be tasted.

At the end of the course there will be a feedback session in which participants can share their experiences and insights. All participants receive a prize in recognition of their participation and the skills they have acquired Certificate.

Where does the Baumkuchen course take place?

The Baumkuchen course takes place exclusively at the Sweet Depot ice cream academy (Franz-Werfel-Strasse 6, 3100 St. Pölten) instead of.

What are the main focuses of the course?

The course focuses entirely on the making of Baumkuchen, from the preparation of the dough to the decoration and marketing. The theoretical unit is kept as short as possible and is learned in a very practice-oriented manner.

Who can take part in the Baumkuchen course?

The course is aimed at restaurateurs and is open to both beginners and people who already have some experience with Baumkuchen. It offers a comprehensive and practical experience to expand skills and knowledge.

What topics are covered in the course?

The course covers topics such as choosing the right ingredients, preparing dough, making and decorating Baumkuchen, as well as commercial aspects such as calculation and marketing.

Can I make and sell my own Baumkuchen after the course?

Yes, the course also covers commercial aspects such as calculation and marketing to show you how you can sell your Baumkuchen successfully.

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Baumkuchen basic course


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