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Basic and advanced course

Ice cream tartlet advanced course Ice Academy St. Pölten

Become an ice cream pro in five days!

In this complete course, in addition to the skills taught in the basic course, the participants are offered a lot more on an additional course day. The focus in the additional unit is primarily on serving and presenting the frozen delicacies. Even ice cream cakes, which have become enormously popular in recent years, are created.

Under the motto "Eat with your eyes", special techniques are shown to prepare the unique products in a simple and tasty way. This means that all the knowledge needed to run an entire ice cream parlor is conveyed in one week.

We particularly recommend this course if you want to produce ice cream in your professional environment. You will enchant your customers with the tools that we are providing you with here.


The course starts at 8:30 a.m. and ends between 15:30 p.m. and 16:30 p.m. Between 12:30 p.m. and 14:30 p.m. we have a lunch break in a restaurant, the meal is included in the course price.
All participants receive complete course materials and recipes in a handy folder. At the end of the course, participants are awarded certificates confirming their participation and skills acquired.

Monday – theory & technique
After getting to know the participants for the first time and clarifying their wishes and expectations for the course, we start with the theory unit on ice cream production. In addition to the most important facts about ice cream, the participants also learn the hygiene standards for ice cream production. In addition, the necessary technical devices are presented and explained.
Tuesday – theory, raw materials & recipes
On Tuesday we will concentrate on the necessary raw materials during the theoretical introduction. The participants learn how the different types of ice cream and the recipes for them are structured and how they can be adapted to their own taste. Then it's all about pasteurization and types of ice cream production, so that from Wednesday we can concentrate fully on the production of the frozen delicacies.
Wednesday – ice production
After two more theory-heavy days, we try what we have learned in practice on Wednesday. First we make different bases and compare different bases. After that, different types of ice cream are made according to the recipe.
Thursday – Ice cream production & presentation
Now that we are able to produce different base masses, we are deepening our knowledge of ice cream production and producing a wide variety of varieties. We also learn how to drape the ice cream and present it in the showcase.
Friday – Decoration & ice cream desserts
After the basic course, we can make different types of ice cream and present them attractively in our showcases. The advanced module on Friday revolves around the presentation of the frozen delicacies. Not only will we learn how to serve sundaes, but also how to make ice cream cakes, popsicles, ice cream crepes and other ice cream desserts.
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Basic and advanced course

27.02. – 03.03.2023
17.04. – 21.04.2023
12.06. – 16.06.2023
11.09. – 15.09.2023
16.10. – 20.10.2023

instead of € 890,-
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*The course price includes lunch (lunch menu + 1 drink) and transport to the restaurant.

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