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At Sweet Depot you can all devices lease easily. Regardless of whether ice cream machine, Blast freezers, Showcases or slush machines, we would be happy to send you an offer! 

Equipment leasing – a flexible form of financing for your catering business

Leasing is a flexible form of financing that is ideal for purchasing equipment for your hospitality business. With this option you can reduce your investment costs and at the same time benefit from numerous advantages. In the following you will learn more about the leasing of soft ice cream machines, ice cream machines and other equipment for the catering trade.

You can lease equipment to reduce your investment costs. You do not have to pay the full purchase price immediately, but pay monthly leasing rates. This leaves your liquidity untouched and you can use the machines effectively from day one.

What are the advantages of leasing for restaurateurs?

  • Invest without capital investment
    Leasing allows you to invest in the latest equipment without draining your equity or damaging your line of credit with the bank

  • Tax benefits
    Leasing installments are usually fully deductible as operating expenses. This means you can reduce your tax burden and save money.

  • bank independence
    Leasing allows you to avoid lengthy and time-consuming bank talks. Instead, you work with a landlord who will make you an attractive offer.

  • Transparency – keep the overview
    Our offer for the leasing of soft ice cream machines and ice cream machines offers a clear basis for calculation from the beginning to the end of the term. You can be sure that there are no hidden costs and you always have an overview.

  • Fast credit check
    If the customer has a good credit rating, an immediate commitment is possible. This allows you to invest in the latest technology quickly and easily.

Why does it pay off to lease equipment?

A device such as a soft ice cream machine, ice cream machine, Showcase or fresh ice machine leasing is an excellent choice for ice cream and food service businesses that want to expand their equipment without investing in expensive equipment. Leasing also offers start-ups the opportunity to invest in equipment without incurring high acquisition costs. In addition, the monthly leasing installments are usually fully deductible as operating expenses, which offers tax advantages. In addition, bank credit lines and liquidity remain unaffected.

How does leasing work?

The leasing process for our equipment is simple and straightforward. You choose the device that suits your needs. We would also be happy to advise youso that you can find the right device. You will then receive an offer from us with a term and monthly payments. Once the terms of the contract are met, ownership of the machine passes to the lessee.

Would you like to lease a device? We are happy to help!

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