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New start in 2021 with soft ice cream and co

With the first warm days of the new year, you can't avoid thinking about summer.
The 2021 summer season brings a lot of hope. But if you invest properly, there is no need to hope. Our insider tip is the soft ice cream machine!

Our elevator pitch: Put in perspective, the acquisition costs are an absolute no-brainer: after a few days a profit can be expected, production is child's play and speaking of children - children love soft ice cream!

A few concrete facts and figures ...

There is only one thing to say about production: It couldn't be easier. The machine is connected to light or heavy current (is that so interesting?). The ice cream mass is easily mixed (alternatively you can also use your own recipe) and poured into the machine. A few minutes later, the first portion can be served.

Cost efficiency is the biggest selling point. Our machines come - according to your requirements - in different sizes and performance levels and for each one applies, in terms of price-performance ratio, they are unbeatable.

You don't have to wait long for production to be in the black either. While a portion of soft ice cream costs a few cents when buying the powder, the usual sales prices for a bag are two to three euros, which brings you profit margins of several euros for every ice cream sold.

One last piece of good news: even in uncertain times, nothing stands in your way. Soft ice cream also works wonderfully as a take-out. As a fresh alternative to packaged ice cream from industrial manufacturers, soft ice cream is very popular and therefore a crisis-proof investment.

It is almost too good to be true, but the purchase actually pays off after a few days, as promised, and the possible profits are incomparably attractive. Wondering what's the catch? We haven't found him yet either. Enjoy our current offers and use 2021 to get started!

Soft ice cream machine STP25

 STP25 "The Fun Starter"

We recommend our STP25 soft ice cream machine to every newcomer to the soft ice cream business, the sweet nostalgic snack. Do you want to offer this nostalgic candy this year to give your business a new flair? The tabletop device with a capacity of 2 x 5,8 liters of soft ice cream is ideal for starting a comeback summer. The ice cream machine impresses with its easy handling. In addition, it requires around 2400 watts and can therefore be operated via a household plug (Schuko).


BSB 36 “The Aesthete”

Enjoy simplified operation with the BSB 36. The Freeezy soft ice cream or frozen yogurt machine is 570 x 740 x 1420 mm in size, weighs 120 kg and is very easy to transport thanks to its rollers. The two containers have a capacity of 7,2 liters each. You can make 30 to 36 liters of soft ice cream or frozen yogurt per hour. The output of 2850 watts guarantees perfect results even in midsummer.


SSP 48 "The Big Boy"

Our SSP 48 soft ice cream machine will convince you: high performance, robustness and comfort are among your strengths. You can always choose soft ice cream or frozen yogurt. In fact: The SSP 48 is also a frozen yogurt machine.
The machine is a real powerhouse! The powerful machine produces up to 48 liters of soft ice cream per hour. The soft ice cream machine has two self-cooling, separate tubs next to each other in which different types of soft ice cream are filled. 

A trend that has picked up speed in recent years is the abandonment of single-use plastic. Many companies have already voluntarily found other solutions, this year a corresponding law will come into force that prohibits the use of spoons, cups, drinking straws and other accessories made of environmentally harmful plastic throughout the EU. 

But don't worry, we'll make an excellent replacement! We exclusively offer sustainable products from Poloplast throughout Austria. This gives us a complete catalog of biodegradable products, such as ice cream spoons made from corn starch, ice cream cups that do not have a plastic coating and much more. Quality is the top priority. The articles feel very high quality and leave nothing to be desired in terms of quality. So nobody has to mourn the old plastic products. 

The design is not neglected either. The spoons, for example, are available in a variety of different designs and colors. The cups can be individually printed with your logo and other designs at no extra charge. In this way you are not only doing something good for the environment, but also for your image and can represent your brand at low cost. 

Biodegradable sundae Havana

HAWAI compostable spoon

Compostable ice cream sundae transparent Eco Boy

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