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Juice Factory

The Juice Factory impresses with refreshing drinks and delicious soft ice cream at its six locations, including Vienna Airport and a location in Spain. Equipped with modern Freeezy soft ice cream machines, guests can always enjoy fresh, high-quality soft ice cream at every location. Thanks to the innovative technology and user-friendly handling of the Freeezy machines, every visit to the Juice Factory is a special experience.

Falkensteiner Hotels

The Falkensteiner Hotels rely on the highest quality and enjoyment for their guests. With the Softy Deluxe soft ice cream machine With Freeezy, hotels can always offer their guests freshly prepared soft ice cream. The ones used Raw Materials and the high quality Soft ice powder from Freeezy ensure an incomparable taste experience and maximum satisfaction.

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Yuzu Lounge

The Yuzu Lounge relies on the highest quality and the most modern technology Kiss 1 from Frigomat. This machine makes it possible to always offer guests freshly prepared soft ice cream or frozen yogurt. This powerful machine, which can prepare both soft ice cream and frozen yogurt, offers a variety of flavors and can withstand even large crowds and ensures moments of enjoyment in the stylish atmosphere of the Yuzu Lounge.

Nuts & More

Nüsse & More from Innsbruck offers its customers a unique soft ice cream experience with Kiss 3 soft ice cream machine from Frigomat. The different Soft ice cream flavors from Freeezy are refined here with the high-quality nut variations from Nüsse & More. The result is an extraordinary taste experience that delights both locals and tourists.

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Harrich ice cream parlor

The Harrich ice cream parlor in Vienna not only impresses with its delicious ice cream creations, but also with its elegant Ice cream showcase, which was purchased from Sweet Depot. This display case fits perfectly into the shop and presents the various types of ice cream in an attractive way. This makes every visit to the Harrich ice cream parlor a special experience.

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