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Freeezy soft ice cream machine Softy deluxe



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  • Up to 80 liters of soft ice cream / frozen yogurt per hour
  • air pump
  • Consistency precisely adjustable
  • 3 ice cream valves for 2 types and 1 mix
  • Integrated stainless steel agitator


Freeezy Softy deluxe soft ice cream machine with air cooling

The perfect machine for frozen yogurt! The Freeezy Softy deluxe soft ice cream machine with air cooling is ideal for self-service in restaurants.

Do you want to have large quantities of frozen yogurt ready for your guests and have as little effort as possible? Then you are well advised with this low-maintenance stand-alone device with a compact design.

All advantages of the Freeezy Softy deluxe soft ice cream machine with air cooling at a glance

  • Up to 80 liters of frozen yogurt per hour
  • Sensor for counting portions
  • Air pump for 20-80% airflow
  • Consistency precisely adjustable
  • Star-shaped modeling cap
  • 3 ice cream valves for 2 types and 1 mix
  • 2 engines
  • Integrated stainless steel agitator
  • washing program
  • Lockable display
  • Levers automatically return to their original position

Little effort, perfect results

The Softy deluxe with air ensures efficiency in your company. Thanks to its integrated pasteurization function, you only have to clean the device every 14 days - the cleaning itself only takes 25 minutes.

Although the device is designed for frozen yogurt, you can adjust the consistency as you like and precisely and make many different delicacies from milkshakes to firmer soft ice cream. And if you rely on self-service in your restaurant, simply lock the display - so your guests cannot change any settings. So that you always have an overview, the sensor reliably counts the portions that have been served.

Like all other Freeezy devices, the Softy deluxe is particularly robust, durable and low-maintenance. In our shop you can convince yourself of the quality of this high-quality soft ice cream machine at any time!

Tip: In our online shop you will find all the raw materials and Toppingsthat you need for your frozen yogurt production!

Do you have any questions? Get in touch with us - we will be happy to help you!

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The company Freeezy has specialized in soft ice cream machines and frozen yogurt machines and offers you the high-quality all-round equipment for everything to do with soft ice cream and frozen yogurt as part of the Freeezy shop technology.

Freeezy is the soft ice cream full-service provider

With Freeezy Ladentechnik you always have the security that your soft ice cream machines are perfectly maintained - because we also take care of service and any repairs. And if a major repair is necessary, you can get a replacement device from us so that your business can continue to run undisturbed.

Visit us in our showroom - here you can see all Freeezy soft ice cream machines, frozen yogurt machines and all accessories directly on site and we will be happy to answer all your questions.

Freeezy Ladentechnik is the complete supplier for restaurateurs to produce excellent frozen yoghurt and soft ice cream.

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More deets:

Production 80 liters per hour
Design Floor Equipment
Number of ice cream flavors 2 varieties + 1 mix 
air pump Ja
pasteurization Ja
Cooling Air
Cylinder content 2 x 2,5 L
contents of the container 2 x 12,5 L
agitator Ja
agitator type Stainless Steel

Connection values:

Performance 4,8 kW
power connection 380 V


Width 55 cm
depth 82,9 cm
Height 155,3 cm
net weight 270 kg

*Dimensions may vary due to drip tray and lever


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