Frigomat soft ice cream machine Key 3 with air cooling and high-voltage electricity



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  • High-performance soft ice cream machine for first-class soft ice cream
  • Self-pastorization function
  • Intuitive operation and remote monitoring with Wi-Manager 4.0
  • Environmentally friendly and energy efficient with natural refrigerant
  • Easy maintenance and cleaning for smooth operation


Frigomat soft ice cream machine Key 3 with integrated pastorization function

The Frigomat soft ice cream machine Key 3 with air cooling and high power is the ideal solution for your ice cream business. Designed for maximum performance and reliability, it offers numerous features and benefits that take your production to a new level.

High performance and versatility

With a production output of up to 40 kg per hour, the Key 3 soft ice cream machine delivers a continuous supply of first-class soft ice cream. It offers space for two varieties and a mix, so you can offer your customers a wide range of flavors.

Innovative technology for comfort and efficiency

The soft serve ice cream machine features state-of-the-art technology, including a 7-inch capacitive touchscreen display with a smart graphical user interface that allows for easy operation and navigation. The Wi-Manager 4.0 IoT system allows you to remotely monitor and control the machine, perform productivity analysis and create recipes.

Maximum hygiene and safety

The pasteurization function makes for one longer shelf life of the soft ice cream and enables longer intervals between routine cleanings. In addition, the soft ice cream machine offers various alarm functions to ensure compliance with all hygiene regulations.

Easy maintenance and cleaning

Thanks to the gear pump and stainless steel stirrers with movable scrapers, cleaning and maintaining the machine is simple and straightforward. The CTS system (patented) prevents incorrect operation and ensures smooth operation, saving energy and water. In this way, it contributes to environmental protection and cost savings in your company.


The Frigomat soft ice cream machine Key 3 with air cooling and high-power current combines the highest performance, innovative technology and maximum hygiene. With its versatility and ease of use, it is the ideal choice for your ice cream business. Discover the future of soft ice cream production with Frigomat now!

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Gross price including VAT: 40.560,00

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Frigomat has been developing and producing high quality for more than 50 years Ice Machines, pasteurizers, Soft ice cream machines, cream machines and many other devices for catering establishments. Thanks to ongoing research, the company regularly launches innovative equipment for ice cream production on the international market.

What is Frigomat?

The Italian manufacturer Frigomat has been developing and producing its ice machines for more than 50 years. The focus is on research and development in order to develop new technological solutions and combine them with traditional craftsmanship. This combination of innovation and tradition produces a strong brand with the highest possible quality.

As an industry leader, the company exports worldwide and has also built up a close-knit service network. This ensures that your ice cream machines can be used for a long time and that spare parts are always available if required.

We are your ice machine professionals

At Sweet Depot you will find all soft ice cream machines, ice cream machines and other devices from Friomat. Of course we will advise youwhich model is best suited to the needs of your venue. We would also be happy to take care of delivery, assembly and professional commissioning for you! But our services go much further: we are happy to take care of regular maintenance, delivery of spare parts and repairs, if necessary.

With Frigomat you make an excellent choice if you want a high-quality, powerful and low-maintenance ice cream machine for daily, professional use.
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More deets:

Production 40kg per hour
Design Floor Equipment
Number of ice cream flavors 2 varieties + 1 mix 
air pump Ja
pasteurization Ja
Cooling Air
contents of the container 2 x 12 L
agitator Ja
agitator type Stainless Steel

Connection values:

Performance 4,1 kW
power connection 400 V


Width 53 cm
depth 67 - 77 cm
Height 144 cm
net weight 260 kg



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