Frigomat combi ice cream machine Twin Chef 35 LCD with water cooling and high-voltage current


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  • Sensor for temperature measurement.
  • Agitator with mobile scraper.
  • 10 adjustable stirring speeds for the different cycle phases.


The Frigomat combi ice cream machine Twin Chef 35 LCD is a combi ice cream machine that combines the functions of the cooker and the ice cream maker.

At the cooker you have three cooking programs available: the automatic cycle with a cooking temperature of 85°C, the semi-automatic cycle that you can program at temperatures between 30°C and 105°C and a low-temperature chocolate processing cycle.

The cooking cycle works on the glycol water bath principle and thus ensures a gentle temperature setting. The additional option "delicate products" prevents the temperature from exceeding 100 °C. The sensor for tank and temperature control is inserted directly into the mixture.

The extra large tap diameter, which is also suitable for particularly viscous products, is particularly practical. Incidentally, after the cooking cycle, you can drain the product directly from the tap. Of course, you can completely disassemble the Han for cleaning.

In the monobloc tank there is a self-locking agitator with movable scrapers that move on the floor and on the walls.

The phenomenon of thermal inertia is eliminated by the patented IES electronics, which ensure both consistent, exact temperatures and energy efficiency.

The Ice Cream Maker scores with two automatic freezing cycles: STANDARD recognizes the optimal consistency of the entered mixture according to type and quantity and PLUS for higher consistency values.

The two additional semi-automatic freezing cycles allow you to set the consistency levels individually - with the consistency being automatically maintained at the end of the cycle.

In addition, the machine offers two granita cycles: one with programming of the consistency and permanent stirring function, a second where you can program the working times and the stirring function.

All the advantages of the Frigomat combi ice cream machine Twin Chef 35 LCD

  • Produces up to 35 kg of ice cream per hour
  • Cooker and ice cream maker in one device
  • Cooking cycle with glycol water bath principle
  • "Sensitive products" function
  • Extra large dispensing tap
  • Automatic and semi-automatic freezing cycle
  • Two granita cycles
  • Adjustable consistency levels
  • Direct expansion cooling cylinder
  • Self-locking agitator with movable scrapers
  • Cold at brew option for perfect consistency
  • Stainless steel door with double security
  • IES electronics for precise consistency detection

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Frigomat has been developing and producing high quality for more than 50 years Ice Machines, pasteurizers, Soft ice cream machines, cream machines and many other devices for catering establishments. Thanks to ongoing research, the company regularly launches innovative equipment for ice cream production on the international market.

What is Frigomat?

The Italian manufacturer Frigomat has been developing and producing its ice machines for more than 50 years. The focus is on research and development in order to develop new technological solutions and combine them with traditional craftsmanship. This combination of innovation and tradition produces a strong brand with the highest possible quality.

As an industry leader, the company exports worldwide and has also built up a close-knit service network. This ensures that your ice cream machines can be used for a long time and that spare parts are always available if required.

We are your ice machine professionals

At Sweet Depot you will find all soft ice cream machines, ice cream machines and other devices from Friomat. Of course we will advise youwhich model is best suited to the needs of your venue. We would also be happy to take care of delivery, assembly and professional commissioning for you! But our services go much further: we are happy to take care of regular maintenance, delivery of spare parts and repairs, if necessary.

With Frigomat you make an excellent choice if you want a high-quality, powerful and low-maintenance ice cream machine for daily, professional use.
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More deets:

Production 35kg per hour
Design Floor Equipment
Cooling Water
capacity 2-6 kg per cycle

Connection values:

Performance 9 kW
power connection 400V / 50Hz / 3


Width 55 cm
depth 70-103 cm
Height 138 cm
net weight 340 kg


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