Rossetti ice cream display case Bridge 1350

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  • Elegant design with straight lines
  • Panoramic front made of tempered and heated glass
  • Efficient LED lighting in two rows
  • Powerful dual cooling for constant temperature
  • Heated side walls made of laminated glass for a fog-free field of vision


Rossetti ice cream display case Bridge 1350

Immerse yourself in the world of stylish ice cream sales with the Rossetti ice cream display case Bridge. This elegant and modern ice cream display case is not just a cooling device, but a real statement for your ice cream parlor or café. With its attractive design and high-quality workmanship, it will be an eye-catcher in any room.

The Rossetti ice cream display case Bridge offers a number of first-class features that take your ice cream sales to a new level:

  • Panoramic front made of tempered and heated glass: This innovative front allows a clear view of the delicious ice cream offering while keeping it perfectly chilled.

  • Convenient lowering of the windscreen with hydraulic pistons: Access to the ice has never been easier. The front window can be easily lowered for quick operation.

  • Efficient LED lighting in two rows: The integrated LED lighting skillfully puts your ice cream in the spotlight and ensures even illumination that highlights the appetizing colors and textures of your ice cream.

  • Powerful dual cooling: Thanks to the powerful double cooling, the temperature in the display case remains constant, so your ice cream is always fresh and perfectly chilled.

  • Built-in, air-cooled refrigeration unit: The built-in refrigeration unit not only ensures reliable cooling, but also works quietly and energy-efficiently, reducing your operating costs.

  • Heated laminated glass side walls: The heated side walls keep the glass surfaces free of fog, ensuring you always have a clear view of your ice cream.

  • Robust stainless steel worktop: The worktop is made of high-quality stainless steel and offers a stable and hygienic work surface for preparing your ice cream sundaes.

  • Practical back panel with Plexiglas sliding elements: The back wall of the ice cream display case has plexiglass sliding elements that allow easy access to the ice cream while making cleaning easier.

The Rossetti Ice Cream Display Bridge is available in various sizes and configurations, so you can find the perfect model for your individual needs. We are happy to offer you additional options such as water cooling or an external compressor upon request. The standard color of the front panels is white, we are happy to offer other colors on request. Convince yourself of the quality and design of the Rossetti ice cream display case Bridge and make your ice cream sale an unforgettable experience for your customers.

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data sheet

Property BRIDGE 115 BRIDGE 165 BRIDGE 215
Operating temperature -18/-20°C -18/-20°C -18/-20°C
Power Supply 400 / 3 / 50 Hz 400 / 3 / 50 Hz 400 / 3 / 50 Hz
Compressor power 1210 W 900+900W 1210+1210W
Cooling capacity 900 W 1800 W 1800 W
Overall Performance 2000 W 3050 W 3100 W
net weight 290 Kg 365 Kg 455 Kg
Height 1350mm 1350 mm 1350 mm
depth 1139 mm 1139 mm 1139 mm
Width 1182 mm 1687 mm 2189 mm


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