Rossetti ice cream display case R10

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Item number: SD_R10
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  • Inclined, tempered and heated windscreen for clear visibility and protection against condensation
  • Easy access through hydraulic front opening
  • Double airflow cooling for optimal freshness retention
  • Durable construction with LED lighting and stainless steel work area


Modern elegance meets top performance: Rossetti ice cream display case R10

The Rossetti ice cream display case R10 represents the ultimate in ice cream presentation. This display case is a masterpiece of technology and design, ideal for any ice cream parlor or café that wants to showcase its ice cream creations. With its advanced cooling and impressive lighting, the R10 offers an unparalleled platform to perfectly display your ice cream.

Innovative presentation and cooling

The inclined, tempered and heated front glass of the ice cream display case ensures an unparalleled view of the ice cream, while the hydraulic pistons enable effortless front opening. Equipped with double LED ceiling lighting, every type of ice cream is perfectly presented. The advanced dual-flow air cooling guarantees constant and efficient cooling of your precious ice cream creations.

High quality materials and flexibility

The side walls made of heated, laminated glass and the stainless steel work surface testify to the high quality and durability of the display case. The sliding plexiglass door on the back allows easy access to the ice. The front panel is supplied in white as standard, but we are happy to offer other color options as well as additional features such as water cooling or an external compressor upon request.

Personal advice and service

Do you have any questions about the Rossetti ice cream display case R10 or are you interested in individual advice? Our dedicated team is at your disposal to find the perfect solution for your business. Contact Usto learn more about our ice cream display cases and how we can help you improve your customers' experience. We look forward to helping you choose the ideal display cabinet.

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data sheet

Property R10 115 R10 165 R10 215
Temperature during operation -18/-20°C -18/-20°C -18/-20°C
Power Supply 400 / 3 / 50 Hz 400 / 3 / 50 Hz 400 / 3 / 50 Hz
Compressor power 1210 W 900+900W 1210+1210W
Cooling capacity 900 W 1800 W 1800 W
Overall Performance 2000 W 3050 W 3100 W
net weight 290 Kg 365 Kg 455 Kg
Height 1200 mm 1200 mm 1200 mm
depth 1260 mm 1260 mm 1260 mm
Width 1201 mm 1706 mm 2206 mm


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