Rossetti ice cream display case Tower 1350

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  • Automatic opening with hydraulic mechanism for front glass and roof
  • High quality dual LED lighting and efficient dual stream air cooling
  • Robust construction with heated, laminated glass walls and stainless steel work surface
  • Adaptability in size and additional equipment for perfect integration into any catering business


Present your ice cream spectacularly: The Rossetti Ice Cream Display Tower

The Rossetti Ice Cream Display Tower redefines the presentation of ice cream. This state-of-the-art ice cream counter combines innovative technology with an elegant design to not only cool your ice cream optimally, but also present it attractively. Ideal for ice cream parlors, restaurants and pastry shops that value quality and aesthetics.

Technology and design in perfection

The Tower ice cream display case has a straight, tempered and heated front glass that allows a clear view of the ice cream. What is unique is the automatic opening of the front glass and roof using a hydraulic mechanism that simplifies access and filling. The double LED ceiling lighting ensures perfect illumination of your ice cream creations, while the double flow air cooling ensures constant and efficient cooling.

Quality and adaptability

The side walls made of heated, laminated glass and the robust work surface made of 10/10 stainless steel ensure durability and hygiene. A rear sliding door made of Plexiglas offers comfortable access and simplifies operation. The front panel is supplied in white as standard, but other colors are available upon request. Additional options such as water cooling or an external compressor allow full customization to your specific needs. Available in sizes for 12, 18 or 24 ice cream tubs or as a rounded display case, the Rossetti Ice Cream Display Tower meets all the requirements of modern catering establishments.

We are here for you!

If you have any questions about the Rossetti ice cream display tower or if you would like personal advice, we will be happy to help you. Our team will help you find the ideal solution for presenting and preserving your ice cream. Contact Usto find out more about our products.

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data sheet

Property TOWER 115 TOWER 165 TOWER 215 TOWER A45°
Temperature during operation -18/-20°C -18/-20°C -18/-20°C -18/-20°C
Power Supply 400 / 3 / 50 Hz 400 / 3 / 50 Hz 400 / 3 / 50 Hz 400 / 3 / 50 Hz
Compressor power 1210 W 900+900W 1210+1210W 900+900W
Cooling capacity 900 W 1800 W 1800 W 1800 W
Overall Performance 2000 W 3050 W 3100 W 3100 W
net weight 290 Kg 365 Kg 455 Kg 400 Kg
Height 1363 mm 1363 mm 1363 mm 1363 mm
depth 1161 mm 1161 mm 1161 mm 1161 mm
Width 1210 mm 1715 mm 2215 mm 1612 mm


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