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Freeezy fruit paste passion fruit



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  • Authentic passion fruit taste
  • Perfect for making gelato, sorbets and baked goods
  • Made from carefully selected passion fruits
  • Easy to use for consistent and excellent results

Dosage: 100g/1L 
Quantity delivered: 3,5 kg

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Bring a piece of paradise to your desserts with Freeezy Passion Fruit Fruit Paste

The Freeezy passion fruit fruit paste is an invitation to experience the magic and intensity of the tropics. This high-quality fruit paste captures the unique aroma and taste of passion fruit to enrich your gelato, sorbet and patisserie creations with a touch of exoticism.

A taste that makes the difference

With the passion fruit flavor you can offer your customers an unforgettable taste experience. The intense sweetness and characteristic acidity of passion fruit transform every dessert into an exotic culinary experience that will be remembered for a long time.

Versatility in the ice cream parlor

Whether as the main attraction in a creamy gelato, as a refreshing touch in sorbets or as a secret ingredient in baked goods, Freeezy passion fruit fruit paste offers endless possibilities to enhance your desserts. Their easy integration into recipes not only guarantees flavor consistency, but also creative freedom that sets your desserts apart from the crowd.

Commitment to quality and taste

Like all Freeezy products, passion fruit paste represents our commitment to the highest quality. Made from selected passion fruits, this paste guarantees an authentic taste experience that will enchant your customers' senses.

Pamper your customers with the exotic sweetness and lively acidity of passion fruit. With Freeezy Passion Fruit Fruit Paste you open the door to a culinary paradise that makes your desserts incomparable.

For more information about our range and how you can enrich your dessert creations with Freeezy products, we are at your disposal. 

Gross price including VAT: 62,57

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