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Stramondo Cocoa Biscuit Crumble 1 kg



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Discover Stramondo Chocolate Chip Cookie Crumbs – crunchy, delicious and versatile crumbs that allow for amazing combinations of texture and flavor.

These tempting cookie crumbs bring the irresistible taste of chocolate to your desserts, ice creams and pastries. They give your creations a crunchy texture and a delicious touch that will enchant your taste buds.

Use the Stramondo Crumble Cocoa to add an extra crunch to your favorite foods. Sprinkle liberally over your sundaes, use as a topping for cakes, or incorporate into layered desserts for an extra bite.

The versatile uses of these biscuit crumbs will inspire your culinary creativity. Treat your guests to dessert creations they won't soon forget. The Stramondo Crumble Cocoa biscuit crumbs are the secret for a perfect crunch and a taste explosion in every bite.

Let your desserts shine with Stramondo Crumble products. Their crunchy and delicious aroma will take your creations to a new level and delight your guests. Indulge in perfectly balanced textures and flavors with these irresistible cookie crumbs.

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Gross price including VAT: 14,37

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Stramondo - high quality ice cream raw materials

Stramondo has been a reliable partner for ice cream producers for many years and offers a wide range of high-quality raw materials for ice cream. The company is characterized by its many years of experience, its innovative products and its high quality.

What is Stramondo?

The Sicilian family company has specialized in the production of raw materials for ice cream. The range includes a large selection of bases, pastes, structure improvers and many other high-quality raw materials such as topping sauces, hot chocolate powder and soft ice cream powder. The company attaches great importance to the quality of its raw materials and relies on innovative technologies and processes to ensure the highest quality standards.

Buy raw materials for ice cream from professionals

Buy Stramondo raw materials for ice cream at Sweet Depot and benefit from high-quality products at fair prices. Sweet Depot is a reliable partner of Stramondo and offers a wide range of raw materials for ice cream production. From bases and pastes to toppings, soft ice cream powder and many other products - at Sweet Depot you will find everything you need for the production of high-quality ice cream. Trust in Sweet Depot's many years of experience and know-how and order today!


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