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Emendatori Yo Tart Yoghurt Magro 1 kg



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Emendatori Yo Tart-Yogurt Magro: Enjoy the light taste of low-fat yogurt delicacies

Yo Tart - Tart Yogurt is a classic powder mix specially formulated for flavoring ice cream, soft serve, baked goods, beverages and granitas. The light and refreshing taste is reminiscent of Greek yogurt, known for its distinctive natural flavor and aromas.

With Yo Tart - Tart Yogurt you can create delicious low-fat yogurt ice cream that offers your customers a refreshing indulgence experience. The powder mix is ​​easy to use and allows the yoghurt flavor to be evenly distributed. You can refine the ice cream with fresh fruit, nuts or other ingredients as you wish and thus create your own individual taste.

Discover the versatility of Yo Tart - Tart Yogurt and let yourself be inspired by its unique taste. Visit our online shop for more information and to discover our wide range of powder mixes for ice making. Make your low-fat yogurt ice cream a delicious and healthy treat!

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Gross price including VAT: 11,00

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