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Pocatino lid for Carapina ice cream container



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The Pocatino lid for ice cream jar Carapina is designed to close your ice cream container. It is made of high quality material and has an elegant design that makes it easy to close, clean and store. The lid has a noble appearance and is particularly durable.

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The Pocatino ice cream jar Carapina 3,5 L is made entirely of stainless steel. It is durable and particularly easy to clean.

Gross price including VAT: 4,68

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Since 1999, Pocatino has offered a wide range of professional ice cream, pastry and food service accessories. The company has built a reputation over the years and is known for its quality products, most notably the nylon-handled ice cream scoop. The SweetPastry line also offers professional accessories for the pastry shop and for the food service sector.

What sets Pocatino apart?

Pocatino is a company specializing in the production of professional accessories for the ice cream, pastry and food service sectors. The company has many years of experience in mold mechanics and offers its customers high-quality products that meet the highest quality standards. The range includes a wide range of accessories including napkin holders, cake stands, piping bags, ice cream labels, ice cream scoops, spatulas and other accessories. 

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