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    The Freeezy Softy Mini Deluxe soft ice cream machine – sweet treats in no time!

    In the world of culinary delights, there is hardly anything more tempting than a delicious soft serve ice cream on a warm summer day. With the Freeezy Softy Mini Deluxe soft ice cream machine, making soft ice cream is child's play. 

    What are the features of the Freeezy Softy Mini Deluxe soft ice cream machine?

    The Freeezy Softy Mini Deluxe soft ice cream machine impresses with an innovative pasteurization function that makes it possible to produce delicious soft ice cream in a hygienic way. This process means that the machine only needs to be cleaned thoroughly every 14 days, which relieves restaurateurs enormously and saves time. But that's not all, the machine also has air cooling, an air pump and a mixer, all of which work together to ensure optimal ice cream making.

    How is the Freeezy Softy Mini Deluxe soft ice cream machine different from other machines?

    The Freeezy Softy Mini Deluxe soft ice cream machine stands out from other soft ice cream machines thanks to its powerful performance and compact table design. With an impressive capacity of up to 50 liters of soft ice cream per hour, it easily copes with even greater demand. Their space-saving table model fits perfectly into small catering establishments and food trucks without compromising on quality.

    How easy is it to prepare soft ice cream with the Freeezy Softy Mini Deluxe soft ice cream machine?

    The Freeezy Softy Mini Deluxe soft ice cream machine is not only powerful, but also extremely handy and user-friendly. Thanks to its practical pasteurization function and the mixer, the production of soft ice cream is effortless and takes little time. The air cooling ensures that the ice cream has the perfect consistency and the air pump ensures that the air is evenly distributed in the ice cream, which ensures a creamy and tasty result.

    Conclusion: Discover the world of delicious soft ice cream with the Freeezy Softy Mini Deluxe soft ice cream machine!

    The Freeezy Softy Mini Deluxe soft ice cream machine is an excellent choice for anyone who wants to spoil their guests with first-class soft ice cream. Its impressive performance, practical pasteurization function and ease of use make it an indispensable helper in gastronomy. Order your Freeezy Softy Mini Deluxe soft ice cream machine today and get a 30% discount + 100 kg soft ice cream powder for free!*

    *Offer valid until July 30, 2023, only while stocks last.

    data sheet

    More deets:

    Production 50 liters per hour
    Design table unit
    Number of ice cream flavors 1 variety
    air pump Ja
    pasteurization Ja
    Cooling Air
    Cylinder content 1 x 2,5 L
    contents of the container 1 x 25 L
    agitator Ja
    agitator type Stainless Steel

    Connection values:

    Performance 2,2 kW
    power connection 380 V


    Width 51 cm
    depth 67,6 cm
    Height 87 cm
    net weight 112 kg

    *Dimensions may vary due to drip tray and lever

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    At Sweet Depot you will find an extensive selection of ice cream equipment to help you produce and store premium ice cream. We offer high-quality ice cream machines, refrigerators and ice storage cabinets, blast chillers and mixers to optimize your ice cream production and guarantee the quality of your creations.

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